Faculty and Staff

 BettyJoHicks Mrs. Betty  Jo Hicks came to be the principal of Anchored Christian School in 2008. She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and did her Master’s work at Central Missouri State. Mrs. Hicks was a classroom teacher for 30 years before moving with her husband, Mr. Ronnie Hicks, back to Bowling Green.

Mrs. Hicks believes that God has a plan for each of His uniquely designed creations. Her desire is to see ACS not only teach “subjects” to kids, but that the child be the subject. The lessons from books, especially the Bible, from role models, and from experience are there solely to see each young person come to know and do the will of God.

 LibbyCranor Libby Cranor has been the school secretary since 2007. You need “help” with anything she is the ultimate help desk. She will do whatever it takes to answer a question, solve a problem, meet a need. Her polite, professional, and perky personality make her every teacher, every student, and every parent’s favorite person to talk to. She loves the Lord; she loves ACS; and she is perfect in this job.
 DarleneBrown Mrs. Darlene Brown is our K3 “whisperer.” We have yet to discover her uncanny way of creating a peaceful, loving learning atmosphere among 3 year olds. It’s probably a tribute to her many years of experience, her love for God and His Word, and her love for the little ones. Your child is in great hands with Mrs. Brown and her gift of caring.
 MrsPartin Mrs. Partin is our smiling, positive K4 instructor. Mrs. Partin knows it’s not easy for parents to go to work each day and hope that their child is being loved and treated fairly. Mrs. Partin is the mother of 4 children, and she treats these children the way she would want hers treated. She also knows she is laying the academic foundation to insure a successful educational experience. Most importantly she prays for each the little ones in her care.
 DeannaMay Deanna May, graduate of Western Kentucky University, also has her masters from the same. She retired from the public school system and came to work at ACS where she had always felt God drawing her. Mrs. May is the most giving, kindhearted teacher these K5 students could ever hope to have. She gives them the strong foundation they will need to become the successful young people God wants them to be.
 RachelStucy Mrs. Rachel Stucy is Anchored’s 1st and 2nd grade teacher. She is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University. Walking by Mrs. Stucy’s room, you will hear drills, music, enthusiastic responses to lessons, and laughter. The energy in the room is a positive testimony to Mrs. Stucy’s love for her students and for teaching. Her students love to emulate her, and many a parent hears frequently at the dinner table, “Mrs. Stucy said….”
 RonnyeJoBryant Mrs. Ronnye Jo Bryant is our 3rd and 4th grade instructor. Her students love her, and she loves them. Mrs. Bryant attended Liberty University. Her creative and fun-loving spirit create a natural desire in kids to do their best. Mrs. Bryant sees the “gold” in every student and panning for it makes her an outstanding teacher. She is also the girl’s volleyball team coach.
 SandyKubasch Veteran teacher, Mrs. Sandy Kubasch, keeps the Anchored machine running smoothly. She is the 5th & 6th grade instructor and helps students ready themselves for junior high school. For her, teaching at Anchored is a ministry call. She is also a pastor’s wife and works tirelessly in her church. She is also our preschool and elementary coordinator. Mrs. Kubasch is a graduate of Western Kentucky University.
Junior High and Senior High
 GailHudson Gail Hudson has been a teacher here at ACS for the past 35 years. She is an extraordinary teacher who knows her history, and loves teaching all the aspects of English.   Her alumni always comment on how easy college composition classes were because of her outstanding instruction in essay writing. Mrs. Hudson has been the senior sponsor for almost a decade now, and the highlight of the year is taking off on the senior trip. Mrs. Hudson is a graduate of Western Kentucky University.
 ConnieKessinger Connie Kessinger has worked at Anchored  in many capacities: elementary teacher, English, but she has over the past  15 years been teaching and strengthening our math problem. Graduates of ACS will tell you that Mrs. Kessinger is a great math teacher.   They say “Don’t change the math teacher or the program.”  They will also say that she is extremely fair, treating everyone the same.

Connie has an infectious love for God and a concern that young people learn His way is the best way.

 HeatherBerkley Although Mrs. Berkley has been a full-time teacher in years past, this year she is only teaching one Junior high class in science. Mrs. Berkley is always thinking of ways to inspire junior high kids to fall in love with learning. She keeps them up and moving, role playing, creating interesting projects, and always thinking. Mrs. Berkley is a graduate of Western Kentucky University.
Additional Support Staff
 BethaniAustin Mrs. Bethani Austin is so valuable to the work and ministry of Anchored Christian School, serving in many capacities. She is the K3 and K4 music teacher, specializing in Kinder Music. She also works with our elementary choirs. She accompanies the high school choir. Also, she is the art teacher for elementary and high school. She is the P.E. and Health teacher for 7th-9th. A very creative, happy, and spontaneous teacher makes for a very creative, happy, and spontaneous student body. Come spring and competition and she will get us through.
FreddaMansfield  Mrs. Fredda Mansfield is the Anchored Christian School Yearbook sponsor. Meticulous in detail and desirous of a first class publication, Mrs. Mansfield is tireless in her efforts to get the best pictures, capture everyone’s special moment, and truly create a lasting memory for everyone who purchases a book. She and her staff do an amazing job. Mrs. Mansfield is also TEAM MOM, traveling to every game, taking care of the guys, and cheering them on.
Not Pictured: Emily Berkley— Junior High Teacher of History
Ronnie Hicks— Bible teacher
Cindy Hays—Accounting
Mr. & Mrs. Kitchens— Kitchen
Mrs. Marsha Strickland—Aid
Athletic Director— Chris Mansfield
Basketball Coach— C.J. Austin
Assistant— Brad Thomas
Volleyball Coach— Ronnye Jo Bryant
Assistant Coach—Emily Jo Bryant
Cheerleading Sponsor— Cindy Hays