Glendale Baptist Church was founded in 1955.  Brother Richard Oldham has pastored the church since 1957.  God has enabled Bro. Oldham and the Glendale Baptist Church to have a unique ministry to young people.  Scores of young people have been called into full-time Christian service under the ministry of the pastor and with the encouragement of the Godly men and women of the church.  From its start, Glendale’s membership grew dramatically year by year.

With the expansion of the work at Glendale Baptist Church, there was a desire for the development of a Christian school as an alternative to the humanistic teachings of the public schools from which God and the Bible had been subtracted in 1964.  This school was to be distinctly Christian with the Bible as its foundation in every phase of its course of instruction.

The Anchored Christian School started in 1972 with five children in the Kindergarten.  Miss Carole Peacher had come as the church’s Elementary Director.  She became the first principal and the teacher of these students.  In the years that followed, the grades were expanded each year until 1979.  The enrollment grew.  The Child Development Center was started.  Mrs. Lou Norman was the first superintendent of the Anchored Child Development Center.

In 1979 there were some young people in the church who wanted very much to attend a Christian high school.  Even though the church was not yet prepared adequately with proper facilities, these young people literally prayed the high school division into existence.

Coming directly from the public school system, there were some adjustments to be made.  There were Bible classes as well standards of dress, hairstyle, and conduct.  These young people adjusted well.  There was no rebellion.  By this time there were well over 100 students.  The first senior class consisted of the following:  Denise Keown, Nancy Botkin, Monty Harshfield, and Jerry Gifford.  Upon their graduation in May 1980, they had raised the money to fly to Washington, D.C. and spend the week touring the United States Capitol.

Miss Carole Peacher served as the first principal until her resignation to move to Texas to assume larger responsibilities in San Antonio in other Christian work.  Brother Jim Yates served effectively for several years and left the work here to serve in a Christian school in Panama City, Florida.

Mrs. Martha Vaught, who had been closely associated with the church since 1957, became the third principal.  During her eighteen years as principal, the school sought to expand in every area of its work. The school excelled in academics and the arts, taking many blue ribbons in the BACS and Tennessee Association of Christian Schools State Competitions.  The Stanford Achievement Test scores have shown outstanding achievements on part of the Anchored students.

In 2004, Anchored Christian School moved to a new facility on Cave Mill Rd.  In 2004, under the leadership of Mrs. Vaught, Anchored underwent an accreditation process with the American Association of Christian Schools, which is recognized by the state of Kentucky.  In 2008, Mrs. Vaught felt it was time for her to retire.

Mrs. Betty Jo Hicks began her service as principal in the fall of 2008.  Mrs. Hicks is a member or the “Swordsmen International”, a group of men and women who have been called out of the Glendale Baptist Church into some area of Christian service.  She is a retired public school teacher from the Kansas City, MO, area, and holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Central Missouri.  Since accepting the call the join the ACS faculty, Mrs. Hicks has led the school to continue on its endeavor to provide the following: