What Anchored Can NOT Offer…

It’s enrollment time, and I am wondering what ACS can offer that others schools can not.   Instead I kept thinking what ACS can’t offer.
Here are some of my thoughts.   We can NOT offer 
* The possibility of a teacher’s strike.  We just can’t offer it; we don’t have a union or board meetings where adults fist fight over contracts, cuts, and new buildings.  Our teachers are here for the “kids.”
*  Free speech.   I really do support this right; however, we just can’t allow the profanity, bullying, and taunting that exists in other schools.  Students won’t be allowed to assert their opinions into every discussion or decision.  Sometimes there just has to be an adult in the room who is willing to “own” the responsibility to guide and lead.  
*   Policeman in the halls.   ACS has an officer who checks in once or twice a semester to see how things are going, but we just don’t need him here all day long every day.   There’s not enough to keep him busy.  We don’t have fights; we don’t have drugs in the locker or car; and most discipline problems are so minor that a simple “demerit” takes care of the problem.  We still make that “50’s List of Discipline problems” where gum chewing was considered a huge offense.  We are so old-fashioned.
*Sex in the Hallway.   Maybe we’re just too out there on this one, but public display of affection (as we used to call it) hardly describes what goes on in schools today.   We just can’t offer that here.  Sorry.   We believe boys and girls ought to be friends, get their educations and pursue God’s will for their lives.  This “other” is Satan’s trap to deter them from that goal.
*Skimpily-dressed girls.   I still don’t understand what happened to that “woman’s movement” that promised to teach girls that they were not created to be sex objects but had bright minds and even the ability to “do math.”  It seems to me that more than ever before girls are expected to dress to entice guys, then satisfy their physical needs, and expect nothing in return.   We value our girls here.  We want boys to respect them as “special” and whose value is more than the “price of rubies.”  We will not tolerate their being exploited.
*     “Hip” Teachers!   Sorry if our teachers just aren’t cool.  Sorry if they are not here to be your child’s best friend or surrogate parent.  Sorry if they don’t dress like the world, talk like the world (our teachers don’t cuss in the classroom), and think like the world.
They won’t be inviting your child over and giving him the key to their liquor cabinet.  They are different even a bit “peculiar.”  Our teachers believe in family, love this country, and enjoy serving God.  
*   Humanistic Teachings.    I know man is a splendid creature.   Afterall he is God’s workmanship, created in His likeness, unto good works, but we do not believe man and reason have the answer to life’s most pressing questions.  Consequently, we have no choice but to use God’s Word as the reference point for all learning.   It just makes sense to us, as man is always having to rewrite his textbooks, but God has never had to!   

I supposed I could go on, but I won’t.   What does ACS offer that others schools don’t?   ACS offers everything that is important: a good education, a caring and cultivating setting, a place where virtue and honor are reverenced, the complementing of the teachings of the home and church, and the training of those called by God for Christian service.   Every parent ought to quit justifying “why” they continue to keep their children in government-run schools and go to their knees asking God to show them “how” they can see their way clear to enroll them now in Anchored CHRISTIAN School.