Jealous for ACS


Jealous for ACS

In Zechariah 1 we read that the Word of the Lord came to Zechariah.   Does the Word of the Lord still come to us today?   Most assuredly it does.   May I share how the Word came to me while reading the book of Zechariah and for now especially chapter 1.

God’s Displeasure– I read in this chapter how God was displeased with the “Fathers” of Zechariah’s generation.   So often I have had the thought that we should apologize to this generation for the mess we have left them in.   We didn’t heed God’s warnings about a host of things.  I don’t think I have to name them.   This generation did not produce the sick Sitcoms and Hollywood trash out there.   They are not the ones responsible for our drug infestation from foreign countries, our depressed economy, our unpassionate pulpits, etc.   They inherited it and God is not pleased with the fathers of this generation.   However, what is this generation going to do.   Will God just continue to be displeased because we continue to “be at ease” about all of this?

A Red Horse and Myrtle Trees– How I love God’s imagery.  Zechariah saw a grove of myrtle trees, a tree with green shining leaves and snow-white flowers.  They are in the low laying areas and represent the sad melancholy that must have been persuasive at that time because of the sin of the people.  Sin makes us stupid and it makes us sad.   Why do we do that to ourselves, and why do we not learn from the sins of our fathers.  BUT there is a man riding a red horse among the trees.  I’m no Bible scholar, but for me this man represents our God who is always present among us.  This man speaks through an angel with “good and comfortable” words.

Good and Comfortable Words– Will God come to us with these good and comfortable words?    He will and does whenever we turn from whatever we think is best and decide to listen to what God thinks is best.  Oh, the sweet comfort of Scripture and of that still small voice that speaks to our heart.   And just like in vs. 16, He comes to us to rebuild and restore us with MERCIES abundant.   I’ve been the recipient, and there is nothing sweeter.

Jealous for Jerusalem– These words of God declared his jealousy for Jerusalem.   Like the possessive love of a man whose wife is being unfaithful, God wants His people.   He has chosen them.  He would eventually come as one of them and die for them.   He comes with mercies and a desire to prosper them.   He knows the plans He has for them for good and not evil.   How blessed is the nation of Israel and its crowning city Jerusalem.

Jealous for ACS– But now for the really wonderful part!  How amazing if God were to choose Anchored Christian School as a place He wanted to prosper and enlarge because of His jealousy for it.   Are we a people who want that?    Do we want to listen to Him and live and abide by His words.   Do we desire to glorify Him as a school?    We live in extremely difficult times.   God has definitely been pushed aside.  We are so afraid of offending the sinner, but we don’t blink an eye at how God is being offended.   While Satan has his way in the hallways of our political institutions, schools, and even our churches, we are way “too at ease.”   I believe God probably is jealous over ACS.   This school was founded by a man of God who gave his entire life to winning the lost and training the saved for service.  God blessed Richard Oldham and blessed the school.   We want the jealousy of God to continue, but it requires the leadership and staff, the parents and students, the friends and fellow believers to believe that this is a work worthy of sacrificial giving and living.   My prayer is as a school we desire God’s jealousy.